Journal of the American Society of Nephrology

Supplement Policy
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology
August 1, 2005

Supplement topics must be of importance to JASN readers and related to the academic and educational mission of the ASN. Priority will be given to supplements that do not focus on a single product but rather on a field of inquiry.

Supplements will be published when there is scientific or educational logic for combining papers in one publication rather than publishing them separately. The number and quality of the articles in the supplement must be sufficient to constitute a body of important information that is current and of interest to the clinical and scientific community in nephrology.

JASN will consider supplements based on material derived from ASN-sanctioned meetings or courses, or meetings of other recognized organizations or groups. This policy is designed to ensure the accuracy and objectivity of material published in the Journal.

JASN will consider publishing proceedings only from symposia that are organized by an independent body of professionals in which the funding organization does not have a controlling voice. It is preferable that a majority of the members of the independent body also be members of the ASN.

Each supplement must have a Guest Editor who is an expert in the designated topic. It is preferable that the Guest Editor be a member of the ASN. The Guest Editor is responsible for:

a) Ensuring that all articles in the supplement will be subjected to internal peer review
b) Providing the editor of JASN with information regarding the nature of the peer review process
c) Compiling articles for inclusion in the supplement
d) Assisting with editing of the publication if necessary.
e) Selection of an appropriate cover picture for the supplement.

The Editor-in-Chief of JASN will decide upon the suitability of the submitted proposal. The initial decision to publish a supplement is based on the significance and timeliness of the proposed topic and the qualifications of the Guest Editor. Final acceptance is based on review of the submitted manuscripts to ensure a balanced presentation.

The Editor-in-Chief retains the right to determine whether any individual article in a supplement submitted for publication requires additional peer review. For disputed manuscripts the Editor-in-Chief retains authority to determine whether the final manuscript will be published. Individual authors are responsible for the content of their own contributions and for editing those contributions. The Guest Editor of the supplement accepts responsibility for the overall quality and integrity of the supplement.

All supplements must have a statement indicating the source of funding, together with any restrictions. Furthermore, the Guest Editor and all contributors must clearly indicate whether there is any conflict of interest and, if so, the extent and nature of the potential conflict.

At submission, the supplement manuscript will be reviewed to assure that the content is not biased in the interest of any sponsor. JASN will not permit presentations within the scientific and educational portion of the supplement that extol a commercial product.

Publication of supplements does not constitute product or sponsor endorsement by the ASN and the following Disclaimer will be printed at the beginning of each supplement: �The contents of this issue represent a supplement to JASN, prepared and paid for by the sponsoring organization. JASN endeavors to assure that the material presented is not biased in the interest of the sponsoring organization. However, it should be understood by the reader that the articles included have generally not been subjected to peer-review by the Editorial Board of JASN, but rather have been subjected to an internal peer review organized by the sponsoring organization. Publication of this supplement does not constitute product or sponsor endorsement by the American Society of Nephrology.�

Submissions must follow the specifications provided in the �Instructions to Authors,� and are subject to the same terms and conditions, including copyright, as is other material published in JASN.

Proposals for supplements to JASN should be directed to the ASN offices, at the following address:

The American Society of Nephrology
Publications Program
1725 I Street, NW
Suite 510
Washington, DC 20006

Proposals may also be sent by e-mail to Bob Henkel,

ASN staff will coordinate the review of the proposal with the Editor-in-Chief for JASN. Initial consideration of a supplement proposal does not signify or imply acceptance. The decision to publish a supplement rests solely with the Editor-in-Chief. Charges for supplements are based on a number of factors, including the number of pages required.